We Track The Journey we know who got in the car with who, when and where they travelled to and from.

Everyone has to register Firsthumb needs all users to register their details and have an active PayPal account.

Everyone Has To Sign Up

Firsthumb needs all users to register their details when they sign up and have an active PayPal account.

NOTE: Your Firsthumb userID(email) should be your PayPal UserID(email)

HOWEVER: make sure your Firsthumb password is different from you PayPal password.

We need a physical address with postcode, email address (see above) with a mobile phone number.

Drivers must also provide a vehicle registration number, and have a valid driving licence. They must also have valid vehicle documents such as Road Tax, MOT and Insurance.

Corporate and group users must also enter their corporate email ID to use the broadcast messaging service to be able to send lift requests around your group of organizations.

Password Protected Journeys

Both passenger and driver are sent  a unique password for each journey, if the driver/passenger can’t show you the right password don’t get in the car.

Firsthumb Mobile Apps

Firsthumb provides a Mobile App solution to enable car drivers and passengers to securely connect together to share lifts or rides when they need to.