During Signup and on Profile page prior to travelling:

  • Join or start a corporate or neighbourhood group, so only people who are legitimate will be travelling together.
  • The initiator of a group is in control of who becomes a member.
  • All members must attaché Photo and Photo ID (driving Licence)
  • Vehicle Registration and MOT is verified
  • Insurance is verified.
  • Email addresses are verified
  • Mobile phones are verified
  • Buy-Sell miles is conducted through PayPal (only legitimate users with credit cards on file can participate)

When travelling together:

  • By Passenger entering vehicle registration a secure Journey is triggered.
  • Name of Driver/Passenger is received
  • Photo of Driver/Passenger is received
  • A common passphrase is received by both passenger and driver
  • Credit is displayed and passenger should display to driver before commencing the trip.
  • If a passenger feels uncomfortable or is previous measures don’t match-up, then passenger enters zero miles and does not enter the car.
  • In any case, the Journey is highly visible, we track the Journey and we know who travelled with who, at what time and what location.

Additional Terms

Firsthumb reserves the right to change these terms and conditions as well as the privacy agreement when they deem it appropriate, notification will be made where necessary.

Firsthumb Mobile Apps

Firsthumb provides a Mobile App solution to enable car drivers and passengers to securely connect together to share lifts or rides when they need to.